My Magic Carpet Ride to Washington DC The Back Story

I am going to Washington DC to take part in the Presidential Inauguration of the 57th President of the United States as a volunteer! When I mention this to people, they are immediately amazed and ask me how I managed to get to do that. I too am amazed. In a way, I don’t really know how it all came to be!  I received an email asking if I’d be interested in volunteering ~ how I came to receive the email still seems like a bit of a mystery to me.  I said yes, and was then presented with a 6-page form on the web to fill out.  When I got to the last page, it said to attach a resume’.  Well, at that point I threw up my hands in dismay! I’ve been self-employed for going on 15 years; I don’t have a current resume’!  So, I said that. I added a few skills in the comment box and when I pressed submit I felt like I had just thrown a strand of spaghetti at the wall (and I truly expected it not to stick!). When I received a phone call from the Presidential Inaugural Committee letting me know I’d been chosen to be a Greeter at the Inauguration, I almost fainted (after saying “YES!” of course!). Life works in mysterious ways, and I can only chalk this experience up to that. Meant to be.


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