A Unite Invocation

Preface: This Invocation is modeled after what many call “The Great Invocation” ~ If you are a lover of that invocation, please do not take offense to this one.  It is not meant to replace it; it is simply meant to be a new, different invocation. If we are to move this Country and Planet forward into a new era, we must frame things in new ways and be willing to leave behind things that “have always been.”  Cultural and societal evolution requires growth.

Unite Invocation

From the Point of Light within the Universal Mind,
Let Light Stream Forth into the Minds of All,
Let Enlightenment Envelop Earth and be Known By Every One.

From the Point of Love within the Universal Heart,
Let Love Stream Forth into the Hearts of All,
Let Love Envelop Earth and be Felt by Every One.

From the Center Where the Will of the Universe is Known,
Let  the Knowledge of the Universe Stream Forth into the Minds of All,
Let the Purpose of the Universe Envelop Earth and be Acted on by Every One.

Let the Universe’s Plan of Love and Light Work Out;
Let Love Seal the Door where All that’s Contrary Dwells.

Let the Universe’s Light and Love and Power, Restore the Plan on Earth.
Let there be Peace and Love and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Let there Be Love for All of US

Uniting the Divided
Solving our Problems Together

I welcome your feedback,
With Great Love,

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