Can we use the word “Universe” instead of “God?”

Sunrise Over Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska
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If we want to unite our country and stop fighting amongst each other, and misunderstanding each other, we must find better ways to communicate.  I’ve heard that we’ve stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in our schools.  I was shocked when I heard this, and think it’s a huge mistake because I believe when we stand together and place our hands over our hearts and recite the Pledge, it reinforces a sense of community, and duty, not just to our country, but to each other.  It reinforces that bond we share as Americans.

The reason we no longer require the recitation of the Pledge, I’ve been told, is that the word God offends people. While this is sad to many of us, it points to a larger issue: We need to broaden our acceptance of others.

I’d like to suggest we replace the use of the word “God,” whenever possible, with the word “Universe.”  When I was a teenager I lived Foster Parents who were Members of the Society of Friends, or Quakers; my last two years of high school I attended Abington Friends School.  Quakers believe that “there is that of God in every one.”

Science has proven that we are all one, that everything is connected ~ that everything is energy, and the physical world around us really an illusion.  There is clearly something much bigger going on around here than meets the eye.  We ARE all a part of “God” and in fact, God IS in all of us.  It is much more than that though!  The Universe resides in each of us, and we all, make up the Universe.  UNI = ONE we are all one, connected, and divine, if you will.  We are all spiritual beings expressing ourselves in physical form.  What happens to you, happens to me; what happens to me, happens to you.  Any “separation” you perceive, is an illusion. There is no separation. (There’s no such thing as time either, but we’ll save that for another post. :))

So, where does religion fit in? Religion is how human beings have come to describe the world they find themselves in. The Universe thought up human beings; human beings thought up religion.  So, you can see, if you really stop to think about it ~ the Quakers were really right on track ~ there IS that of God in every one.

The next question is typical, “If there is God in every one, where does “evil” fit in?”  In the model of the Universe and life that I’m suggesting we embrace, there is no such thing as evil ~ there is only that which is undeveloped or uninformed.  There is only the lack of love. If we are all connected, and all one, and if we are all made up of the same “thinking” substance (i.e. Wallace D. Wattles‘ definition), and all “God” then there ultimately is nothing evil…there IS negative energy, but there is no evil.

Please join me in this discussion! Every turn I make I’m finding more and more people who are willing to ask these hard questions and explore where the answers lead us.

I welcome your feedback,
With Great Love,
Thank You, Dear Reader,

2 thoughts on “Can we use the word “Universe” instead of “God?”

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  2. I’m not an atheist per se, but neither do I believe in a God. I prefer to reach out to the Universe, which, for me, represents the union of science and spirituality. I cannot deny spirit because I feel it so deeply; yet, personification of spirit, for me, confines what is too vast to be confined, thereby limits the limitless, rendering it less than what is real.

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