“You’ve been busy!” I’m getting that a lot lately…

Beneath the surface (sea lions)

Beneath the surface (sea lions)

For some time now there’s been something coming forth in me. I’ve always known I have something I was “sent” here to do; but I actually thought I had accomplished and completed my mission (my heavenly waterfront lodging and retreat center Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC.)  Then, two years ago I was very excited when my husband and I and a close friend, founded AK ANGELS Care, Inc. That has not taken off as I had hoped, and still, there was something brewing in me.  All last fall as we suffered through the months of the election process, I focused hard on what the process needed to fix it.  At first, I thought what was coming forth was a concept of a new political party.  I was calling it The Unite Party and the platform was LOVE (each letter makes up the motto).  Through some miracle, I got to take part as a volunteer at the 2103 Presidential Inauguration.  I have the luxury of a flexible schedule, and I’m blessed to have a close friend who lives within walking distance of where I needed to go.

I used the trip as an opportunity to test my ideas and thoughts with people.  For a shy person, this was an undertaking; I spoke to everyone, all strangers for the most part.  I struck up conversations on the Metro with people I sat next to; with shop clerks, cab drivers, you name it! What I found is that it was easy. I suppose because I’m so passionate about this and because I’m answering a higher calling. I’ve discovered my mission is larger than I thought; now, I’m trying to save the world for my grandkids (and all humanity, but looking at the world through their eyes is what triggered this passion and shown me that I still have work to do.)  I spoke to people about the motto of LOVE: Love for Everyone, Open, honest, truthful, transparent; Volunteerism in service to others; Everyone gets a voice and vote. During the trip, it evolved into LOVE US, with the addition of Uniting the divided and Solving our problems together.

Then in late January, I started class my Agents of Conscious Evolution class with Barbara Marx Hubbard (who ran for Vice-President in the 80s, a fact I knew nothing about when I signed up for the class; talk about synchronicity ~ I’m brewing what think is a political party and I take a class from someone who ran for VP). This was another “nudge” from the Universe because, for the life of me, I don’t know how I came to hear about Barbara’s class. All I knew was I was searching for a “grassroots” movement, and I found it!

Since then, things have taken off!  Not only is the class wonderful, it’s resulted in a networking phenomenon, to other people and groups, like the Vistar Foundation and Lev Natan at The Medicine Tree Center, which has resulted in an amazing string of events; all the Universe, in synchronicity. This past few months have fascinated me because of how the energy has flowed. Everything has led, harmoniously, one step to another. Every time I need an answer, it is provided. Every question answered quickly. The most significant, serious question answered in less than 8 hours! To some degree or another, this has always been my experience of life; one thing always leads to another. Never before with the speed or breadth and depth, that’s happening now.

Since I returned from DC, as I’ve been taking my classes, all kinds of things seem to be sorting themselves out and flowing.  As a final act of the first quarter 0f 2013, over Easter weekend, while living on Resurrection Bay, I founded the WE LOVE US Organization, a worldwide, free membership organization open to any person or business that agrees to the Motto. The addition of WE came about as a result of the class. Weaving a fabric of unity and peace worldwide, Embracing Earth as irreplaceable and life with respect. WE LOVE US. As a membership organization, it will be an easy way to find like-minded people anywhere in the world. I’m hopeful, everywhere in the world! What’s become so clear to me, is we will never all agree on what to believe ~ there are too many voices out there, all saying sort of the same thing, but everyone has their own spin; we don’t need a new “religion” that’s part of the problem now religion; it’s bigger than a political party, much bigger. It’s the ONE movement as I saw someone call it (they said “generation” but it’s more than a generation, because to make this shift happen, to pull of the “evolution,”  I think we need full participation across generational lines.

We can all approach our spiritual paths using the one that works best for us; we can all believe what we want. We can do; what we MUST do if we are to save ourselves as we know us from utter doom, is, we CAN all agree how to behave. Here’s a starting point: Weave a fabric of unity and peace worldwide Embrace Earth as irreplaceable all life with respect Love everyone, unconditionally Open, honest, truthful, transparent Volunteerism in service to others Everyone gets a voice and vote Uniting the divided Solving our problems together!

I have registered the domain name and gotten a business license.  I signed up for a toll-free phone number that ends with LOVE! The fact that the domain was available, and that there was a phone number that would spell love, are signs to me the Universe is smiling. I want this to be a tax exempt not for profit, and you need three officers to start out, so I started it as a sole proprietor just get things off the ground.  I hope people will want to join me in this undertaking. 🙂 We can change the type of structure later. There is still a lot to do. I sent an email to a good friend of mine who is a programmer. We’re going to need a database for the membership, right away! I’ve been working with all my blogs, getting them all sorted out too. I’ll be blogging the development of the WE LOVE US  process and unfolding at http://WalkingTheTalkInTheLastFrontier.com.  It’s also time to get the stories of my life written, and you’ll be able to find those at  MyLongRoadHomeToAlaska.com. I created a new blog site for Angels Rest at AngelsRestRetreatCenter.com which used to be hosted at the WalkingTheTalk site. I have another blog or two, but they are not getting my focus at the moment; although there are some really good, albeit old, posts at the LaughToHeal blog. Well, that brings us up to today…..whew! 😀

Thank you, Dear Reader,
With Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

P.S. I welcome your comments and questions

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