The Oneness Consciousness Collective and the New Economy, New World

I posted this on WE LOVE US; thought you might want to see it. Thanks! Namaste’


Resurrection BayThis is what I’ve started calling this “movement” that is happening. “The Oneness Consciousness Collective” is everyone who is embracing Oneness; it’s a collective because all walks of life, people from all religions backgrounds, and from all around the world are coming together. It is like something I never imagined possible.  Many, many people are putting pen to paper metaphorically and writing books; writing their life stories, or writing their approach to solving your problems or writing about their specialties, whatever.  Many people are making money; making reasonable livings even, selling their wares to not millions, but thousands. There is a whole “middle market” opening up; people are using the technology to network and share learning and ideas and give support in ways never seen before.

We have the most honorable lives to live! We are witness to a new form of “revolution” ~ it’s the “evolution of humanity

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