How Reading Affects Your Brain

I posted my response to this good article; you can read my take when you are finished. Namaste’ ❤ LAMP ❤


Words by the Lead Coordinator, Kokayi Nosakhere

As stated in the last blog post, the movie watching experience mimics real life. We rate actors and actresses on their ability to imitate our own behaviors on stage. When they cry we want to believe that they are authentically crying. Likewise, when they express joy on screen, we want to feel that joy.

This means that when we watch a movie, we are NOT using our brains any differently than when we use them in real life.

This fact should cause you to pause and reflect.

Reading a book – concentrating on the written word – forces the brain to “imagine”, or “invent”, images and sounds that match the “word”. This process is extremely complex and filled with nuances. For example, the word, “loud”, is a “quality” of sound. It is not a definite, measurable “thing” – although science can assign it…

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