Never Underestimate The Moment

We can get so caught up in our daily lives we forget to stay present, in the moment.  Today reminded me of how important it is to go with the flow, and follow a thread of energy as it arises. We forget to tune into our hearts, and follow where our intuition might lead us.

Two weeks ago I attended The Embodied Messenger ExperienceFeb2015Sunrise workshop by Ken Stone, The Soul Archeologist, and ever since returning home, I’ve been bumbling around, not feeling at all myself, not feeling “integrated” as we’ve discussed among ourselves, the attendees of the workshop. As I drove down Turnagain Arm on the way home, it all seemed SO clear, but as the days have passed, the vision has gone blurry on me.

Today, a friend who I stay in touch with through Facebook, since she moved a way some years ago, sent me a flurry of messages about a couple of friends of hers who host a spiritual call in show. She suggested I check it out “starting shortly” and went on to suggest that I should call in; she further suggested I should consider a show of my own.

Since I have considered, and even felt a wanting for, having a radio show of my own, I decided I would check it out.  I had planned on doing some housework, so putting my ear buds in for a listen worked well with what else I had planned.

It was 2 women, one being the support person, and the other doing the spiritual talking and then mini-readings.  I listened with great interest as the one woman would immediately start a reading after hearing just the person’s first name.  She didn’t often ask for confirmation, but if she did, the response from the caller always validated the reading being given. It was fascinating.

Since my friend had suggested calling in, I thought, why not? When they got near the end of the list, and it seemed like they would still take a few more calls, I switched from listening on the web to a phone line, and raised my hand, which meant I would get to say my name live on the line and receive a mini-reading.

Knowing absolutely nothing about me, I received the reading that clearly was exactly what I needed to hear!  I was in tears by the time she finished my mini-reading. Seriously, I was bawling my eyes out.

What I came away from the workshop with, was a knowing that I have a serious job to do. If I do what I’ve been assigned, it will be huge. Seriously huge.  Even as I type it, I feel a reluctance. I don’t want fame and yet, some level of “fame” seems inevitable if I carry out my goal.

The mini-reading was this: “You have to want it.  Your Guardian Angel is with you, and she’s there to help you, and you are capable, and will succeed, but only if you want it. Really want it.” She totally nailed my reluctance.

It’s so important to me not be ego driven ~ but it’s ok, to succeed, I have to want my success. Question: Do I also have to want what comes with it, or can I just surrender to that?

I see where I need to get; I’m not quite there yet ~ but without this reading today, I’d been still be bumbling around without a clear direction.

Follow the threads of your day…. the breadcrumbs  … some small thing may lead to so much bigger a thing… if we are only paying attention. I’m not suggesting we call everything a sign; you must feel into it ~ is there an energy with it, drawing you to it?  If so, follow that. Pay attention to everything that happens and check it against your feelings. Learn how to feel the energy.  It’s not about what is going on in our heads, it’s about what is going on in our hearts.

Shared with Infinite Love, Namaste’

P.S. I welcome your comments and questions.

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