What Humanity Needs is an Inside Job!

What do I mean by that, (What humanity needs is an inside job!), you might be asking.  It’s actually quite simple.  Each person on this planet needs to understand that we create our lives.  NO, we don’t pick our circumstances at birth (or perhaps we do, LOL, but that’s a different discussion).

But when we understand that the only thing that we have any control over is ourselves and our responses to what life presents us with; when we realize that the real way to change our world is to change our selves, we discover that the fundamental truth of life is that we must start by loving ourselves.

Easily 80% of humanity, if not more, skip that step.  Even people who *think* they love themselves, when questioned, find they are mistaken about what true self-love entails.

Why does it matter, that we love ourselves?

There is a oneness among all that is; there is a fabric of life of which connects us all. Here’s my favorite quote that I think says it the best “There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made.”  That’s Wallace D. Wattles’s take on life.  It totally speaks to me. Everything connects to everything else. Quantum physics has shown us that beyond doubt.

Humanity is crying out for peace, for love, for happiness, for us all. The way to solve all the problems of the world is to start by loving ourselves. Once we genuinely love ourselves, we can start spreading the love around and through thoughtful caring ways, can transform the world into one that works for everyone. When we love ourselves, we change the frequency of our lives, and that change in frequency ripples outward to all that is; since we are each connected to all that is.

Want to know more?  Check out the discussion at Love By LIGHT and WE LOVE US.  Join our virtual circle calls and join the movement towards oneness and love.

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