Dialing Down the Mad-ness: What’s yours and what’s not?

It seems as if everyone’s been mad for the pasts few weeks, doesn’t it? Within minutes of that small boy falling into the gorilla habitat at the Cincinnati zoo there were 2 online petitions started, on persecuting the parents and one persecuting the zoo.  Seriously, it only took minutes.

Let me ask you something: When President Lincoln was assassinated, how long did it take for people around the country to hear?  How about when JFK was assassinated, or the assassination attempt against President Reagan?  Or even, 9/11? How long?

Certainly, over time, the speed with which news could travel around the world has sped up.  to the degree, that this morning, when we woke up at 6am Alaska time and turned on the TV, or picked up our phones and checked social media, they were alive with more reports than could be counted of the shooting event in Orlando, FL, that had taken place just after we had gone to bed the night before, just 8 hours earlier.  Had it not happened in the middle of the night, it would have only been minutes, as was the case with Zoo last week.

Not only were there more reports than I could count this morning, every tv channel and social media stream was plugged, there were as many opinions being expressed as there were people talking. Everyone has an opinion and thinks they need to express it.  It’s as if what social media and the speed with which our voices can carry around the world, have made everyone’s business, everyone’s business.

My next question to you is this: What business is it really of yours, the kid and the gorilla, or the shooting in Orlando? Certainly, if you are directly involved, then it is your business; but the rest of us? Seriously, what business is it, of ours?

Just because we can know everything that’s happening everywhere in the world because of the speed of the media, internet and otherwise, doesn’t mean we need to know!  We’ve totally lost our perspective and rational way in this digital age!  We’re so caught up in the delusions and illusions of life that we’ve gotten things all upside down and backward.

We’re wandering around in our lives looking outward, thinking that all that we see and hear around us, and around and about the world, is ours to deal with.

Let’s set things straight: It is not yours to deal with!  What’s yours to deal with, is you. You first, then yours.  But you first. Always.  It is not in an egotistical way that I am speaking, but of the way of love.

We are beings of love; we are each, individual expressions of divinity in physical expression, as I write about in my highly anticipated book, Walking Through Your Walls.  What is yours to deal with is you, loving you, loving the divine expression that is you.

We’ve been distracted by the glitter of the 3rd dimension, and we’ve drifted into looking outward for our answers and the truth, when in fact, the universe resides within each of us, and each of us is a part of the larger whole.  We are one, we are connected the way the drops of the ocean are connected; we are one like sunshine; we are one like the air we breathe.

When you are able to see in the way that relieves you of the pain of the circumstances, then you have reached freedom from the 3rd-dimensional realm.

We are energy; that is all that we are.  What do you want to give your energy to? Persecuting the Cincinnati Zoo? Persecuting the mother or parents of the child? What energy do you want to give to Orlando? Outrage at ISIS, or at Muslims, or at LGBGT, or at the NRA, or at the Government…. I could go on.

Do you understand my point? I say this in the most loving way for all involved; these things, and a whole lot more are not your business.  Your business is you, and yours.

Just because it is possible to know other people’s business, it doesn’t follow that you must or should take it on. We are here to love; our purpose is to love and serve each other.  Let’s get back to doing what we came here to do, and let the people whose business it is, tend to the things like the zoo, or Orlando.

With all due respect.


Thank you, my Dear Readers,



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