Blue Monday, Sad Tuesday, Happy Wednesday?*

We’re blue; we’re blue,
What are we going to do?
They talk, and they talk,
But nothing’s said true.

Our lives teeter and totter and hang in the balance,
We see our future destroyed in a glance,
They stand there before us and work and try
But the bulk of their efforts ends mostly in lies.

A dark day is looming just a few weeks hence,
Would it be any easier to choose between Kain and Pence?
After feeling such hope, our hearts remain broken,
Our dreams shattered in pieces in spite of being spoken.

The time has come for a revolution,
Our politics, our country, need an evolution!
How did we get here so many still ask;
What happened when we gave Obama the task?

Well, let me remind you of the path we are all on,
You may have forgotten; it’s an extraordinarily long con.
For eight years we’ve suffered at the hands of a clan,
The leader, his cronies, they are all Republican!

From Ryan to McConnell, they’re all part of the scam!
They just connive and self-serve as much as they can.
Obstruction, obstruction it’s all that they have done,
They’ve wasted eight years thinking we’re all that dumb;

They’ve taken full salaries, and they’ve taken many raises,
Spending time not working, but shutting the government and fundraising!
They believe that we won’t notice, that we are too stupid to care,
I beseech you, can we re-organize, are we hurting enough to dare?

It’s the 21st Century, isn’t it time to grow?
Life is about love and oneness, don’t you all know?
Can’t we do better than we’ve done in the past;
Aren’t you tired of being told: “It’s ok, this too shall pass?”

Are we yet robust and sturdy enough to stand our ground?
Are you willing to vote your heart, regardless of the sound,
Of it beating in your throat out of unease and concern;
Can we just all do what’s right and everyone feels the Bern?

Many are angry at that sweet Vermont guy,
They think he’s a sellout, his wishes they deny.
That pain we have suffered, that dashing of our dreams,
It destroyed our faith; it slew us, it ripped us at our seams.

So here we are, the choice is looming just some days away,
Monday night helped no one in knowing what to say.
We recognize we have problems; we are aware just what they are.
One thing we all must remember, without we won’t get far.

The power to drop a bomb and obliterate a place
Will rest in whose hand we choose on this Election Day.
So pick that hand, and pick it well,
The success of your choice surely time will tell.

The military only answers to just one (wo)man.
There’s no way to stop that order; it’s true, no one can.
Once a President says “go drop the bomb,”
There’s no turning back, and there’s nowhere to run.

The military will act, there’s no turning back!
You can check me on this; it’s truly a fact.
There is no “checks and balance,” there is NO safety net!
Is that truly of no concern? No net is no a safe bet!

Your vote determines who lives and dies!
Are you prepared to gamble with other peoples’ lives?
Remember what gets said when you are unsure or unclear?
“Listen to your heart; just listen, you’ll know what to do, dear.”

So I beseech you to do just that.
Your mind will mislead you; that is surely a fact.
Your heart, if you listen, can only show,
The purest, brightest and rightest, way to go.

The time has come to throw caution to the wind,
Vote from you heart, it’s the only way to mend.
For eight years we’ve waited for that hope and change to come;
Republicans repeatedly blocked that to every single one.

How long will we let them spoon feed us all their lies;
This latest one, this Trump, oh he is truly their guy!
Proposing to take us back to the tax cuts of old,
That got us to into the debt, and our souls to China sold.

It’s a new Century, be a new you.
Vote your heart, vote your truth.
Where ever it takes us, it is where we are to be.
And if it all turns out badly, we can always flee!

Your life is all about the experience you came have,
Let that awakeness guide you and be your life’s salve.
It’s just the 3rd dimension; this is supposed to be fun!
So live from your heart and your life will be a home run!

Lynda Lamp
P.s. *My form of a political rant. Living in oneness is especially challenging when faced with our current political climate. I needed some way to release everything bouncing around in my head. I posted a rough version of this yesterday on Facebook on my personal page. Thank you for reading! Feel free to share!

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