The Fox in the Chicken House

Do you think the protests over the current president-elect are just because people are poor sports?  Do you think they are getting paid by the Democratic party to riot? Do you understand why the president-elect got booed at the Broadway show Hamilton? Do you think people should boycott the production now?worktogether1200

Let me ask you a different kind of question? Do you understand the risk a chicken farmer faces when a fox gets into a chicken house?

Consider a Midwestern family that owned a chicken farm. They had chickens that laid eggs, and they sold the eggs for their living.  They also harvested chickens and sold fresh chickens for additional income.  Their major diet was eggs and chicken and what they could grow in their garden. They were a relatively low-income family, but they had each other, they had love, they danced and sang and played together. They had enough to get by, and they were grateful for their chickens who provided for them so well.

One day their little boy decided he wanted a bicycle.  He begged his parents for a brand new bike.  He had a friend that had one, and he wanted one just like it.  His parents didn’t have any extra money for a bicycle. The little boy was furious with is parents because  he couldn’t have what he wanted. He decided they were bad parents even though he had no evidence of that.  He got himself so worked up over his disappointment of how things were he decided to punish his parents for not giving him a bike.

The little boy had always heard his dad say “we can’t let the fox get into the chicken house.” He didn’t know why that was, but he decided this would be the perfect way to get back at his parents for not getting him his bicycle. One night after his parents were asleep, he snuck into the woods and made a trap so he could catch a fox.  When he checked his trap in the morning, low and behold he had a fox!  He waited till the next evening, and once his folks were asleep, he snuck out to the woods, got his trap with the fox in it and carried it back to the chicken coop.  Being sure no one had seen him, he pushed the trap up against the door of the coop and let the fox slip out of the trap into the chicken house.

He knew instantly from the sounds from inside the coop something terrible was happening. He ran home as fast as could leaving the sounds and his trap behind. He jumped into his bed covering his head with his pillows and cried himself to sleep; he knew he was going to get in trouble.

As you can imagine, when his parents went to the chicken house in the morning there was nothing but feathers and cracked shells left.

Everything was gone. Suddenly the family had nothing. They had no eggs, and they had no chickens to lay eggs, and they had no chickens to eat. They had nothing to sell. They had nothing. It was going on winter, so the garden was gone. They had no savings, no way to recover.

In his panic, the little boy forgot to hide the trap he used to catch the fox. His parents knew what he had done. His mother’s heart broke. His father was bereft. Eventually, the parents had to send the little boy away to foster care because they couldn’t care for him any longer. Their family got torn apart, destroyed.

That little boy, in his pain of being denied what he wanted, did what we as humans are wired to do. When we hurt, we hurt others.  It’s a reflex. Some people call it the “chain of pain.”  I hurt, so I will make you hurt. We do this rather automatically until we awaken to ourselves.

There are millions and millions of Americans who are hurting today because on November 8, 2016, millions went to the polls and cast a vote to make America hurt.  For 20 or 30 years the Republicans have continually made power grabs for our country so that now we are left in pain, not even aware of what we have done.

We were in fear of becoming an Oligarchy, when in fact, what we have become is far worse. Now, we have a Kakistocracy. Kakistocracy is an archaic word you have likely never heard of because the world has not needed it until now. Kakistocracy is a Government by the worst men.

We are living through the results of those “chain of pain” votes right now. Now we are all hurting, except for the voters who are claiming we should just calm down and
wait to see what the grand and magnificent president-elect and his team of wizards (kkk?) will do.

My question to all you “chain of pain” voters is this: What did you do in the last four, six, or eight years (or longer) to change the direction of our country? How many times did you call the President, or your Senator or Representative, or your Governor or your State legislators? Phoning is still the best way to have your voice heard. Did you call? Who and how many times? If you didn’t call, then how many letters or emails did you send? How many times did you email or tweet to the people that can do something about your problems (your Senator and Representative at the Federal and State levels)? How many letters did you write? How many times did you attend public town hall meetings or other? Have you involved yourself in your local, State or Federal government at all?

People are angry about the problems of job loss, and the economy, I understand that.  For eight years the Obama Administration has been trying to pass a jobs bill, raise the minimum wage and do many other things that would have helped the economy, but the Republicans continually blocked him.  Although the economy survived the collapse brought on by the Bush Administration, that recovery never showed up to middle America. The stock market closed over 18,900 this week, it’s the highest record, but middle America is not feeling the surge.

How many times have you called on your representatives to pass a jobs bill or to raise the minimum wage? Or to speak about any other issue that concerns or impacts you?

What have you done to make change happen? Anything? Sitting at a keyboard sharing posts on Facebook and making comments is not doing anything. Neither is sitting around with friends and family complaining. Don’t kid yourself.

It is not right that everyone is saying that the protesters are just poor sports.  They are not protesting because they are poor sports!

They are complaining because people chose to pass their chain of pain on the entire planet! If you haven’t noticed, the results of our election have stunned the world. Billions of people are holding their breath for what this new administration will do.

Now, the fox is in the chicken coop, as the saying goes, and there won’t be anything left of the United States of America in short order if we aren’t careful! It won’t take four years. We won’t likely survive four years under the newly elected and appointed administration. Remember, as we see every day with the appointments getting made, we face a Kakistocracy. “A government by the worst men.”

I expect every single person who let the fox into the chicken house, and those who didn’t, to take responsibility for fixing the damage done.  Get educated as to the facts. Stop sharing fake new stores just because you like them. Stop lying to yourself about what’s happening now! Wake up!

Once you understand that we have opened the door to the destruction of all the things America stands for, I am asking every single American whether you are registered to vote or not to pick up your phone every single day and make sure that your State and Federal governments hear your voice and concerns.

Here’s another story. The other day someone I know on Facebook posted a link about Mike Pence saying “He is such a great man and we need more men like him in our country.”  I made a comment that I found it curious that woman as she would support a man with such extreme views about women’s rights and miscarriages and I also pointed out his prejudice against the LGBT community.

Do you know what she said in reply?

“Oh, I sincerely doubt that.”

What??!!! I was speechless that someone would be so supportive of someone yet be so clueless as to what that person stands for, and his public record. I wasn’t the only one shocked; it was rather sweet, numerous people came along and cited the facts and figures to support my comment.

Here’s the thing. Why didn’t my comment engender some curiosity on her part? Why didn’t she stop and question why I would say something like that; we know each other. She knows I am all about shining a light on the truth. Why in the world would I come along and make a statement if there weren’t some reason to have said what I said? Why didn’t she take a moment to verify what I said?

Instead, her reaction is just to stay misinformed? Why?

After being informed, did she respond? No. No, she has made acknowledgment of her ignorance. We have to learn not to be shy when we make mistakes. It’s ok! Better to be informed than not, just say thank you and try harder the next time.

It is not my intent to appear unfeeling or mean. I am pointing this out so we can all get to working together towards unity through truth. Instead of screaming at each other we need to learn to listen to each other. We need to learn respect again. We need to be open to learning the truth, not entrenched in our misbeliefs.

There’s been so much fake news out there it is hard to know what the facts are.  But this is where you can lean on Google. Learn how to use Google and other reputable search engines. Use PolitiFact an excellent source of political truth. Turn off the news channels that feed us all the same stories. Look for independent reporting and actual journalism, not slanted non-journalism parading as news. This post includes great information and a list of trustworthy news outlets. Double check Snopes. Some people claim issues with Snopes, but on their True/False ratings, they are usually reliable. Cross check with other accurate sites.

So much of what I heard people saying about HC before the election was untrue, severely distorted, blown out of perspective for just flat out perverted lies. The hatred towards HC was whipped into a lather by the repeated telling of lies by the DT campaign.  There were hundreds of fake websites being made every day in foreign countries, aimed at taking HC out as a competitor and pushing lies promoted by DT’s campaign. In reality, there was a minute amount to hate her over! True story.

On the other hand, so much of the truth about DT got hidden and remains hidden from us by our mainstream media that when you know facts and try to inform other people, they brush it off as liberal and fringe propaganda when in fact it is all true.  The horrible business records, the bankruptcies and ruination of hundreds if not thousands of families, the use of litigation as a form of bullying, the name calling, the lack of tax payments and production of tax records for vetting. The reports of poor temperament, of unpredictable behavior, narcissism. The stories of more bullying, of misogyny, sexism, racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, name calling, prejudice, lack of manners, lack of decorum, destroying emails requested by judges (more than HC ever destroyed). He has an extensive list of current lawsuits including a recently dropped case for raping a 13-year-old girl. The court date was Dec.16 but because of death threats the woman “Jane Doe” has had to drop the case. The guy gets endorsed by people who do not represent our real American values (the KKK, Russia, and North Korea)  and gets disavowed by the people who believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. He just made a settlement for 25 million dollars on three lawsuits against his Trump University for fraud.

So all you voters who chose to pass on the chain of pain to the rest of us by letting the fox into the chicken coop to destroy us from the inside out, be put on notice of what you have wrought.

How did we get here? Let’s do a quick review.

Of the people polled before the election, 100% were split 50/50 over which candidate was worse, and neither candidate had a high rating when looked at individually with DT scoring more poorly than HC by about four points. Both candidates are despised by the majority our country, yet neither the RNC or the DNC could come up with better choices.  Bernie Sanders appeared to unite the country before the Primary and had the DNC not been corrupt we would likely be looking at a Sanders Presidency which stood to unite.

In 2016, 45% of registered voters didn’t vote for a president, one of the highest percentages in many years.

Of the 55% of registered voters that did vote for a president, HC at press time of this post is ahead by a full percentage and over 1.3 million votes, although DT has the needed electorates for the win. There is a good chance that HC will end up with over 2 million more votes than the candidate awarded the electorates. But when there are over 325 million people in the United States; the numbers start to seem minuscule.

Clearly, there is no winner, because no matter who ends up as the official president-elect, we are divided as a nation. Half of us didn’t vote, and those that did were split, basically, in half. Even states that had been previously blue and flipped red split 50/50. The difference in votes of many States is within the margin of error.

Please remember, this Country voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice.

The bottom line is this. Although 75% of our population may be unhappy, prejudice and racism do not divide us most of us; we will be not divided by ethnicity, sexual preferences do not split most of us. Religion need not divide us; this is the country founded on religious freedom. Religious freedom means we can practice or not practice any religion.

But some people think these freedoms allow them to cram their religion down others’ throats! Some people think racism, sexual discrimination and discrimination against women’s rights is ok.  Some people are to the far, far right and they have gained power.

If we are more conservative or more liberal, we are free to live in a State that more closely matches our preferences. This is how our country is supposed to work!  Conservatives and liberals can gather by State and can make whatever laws they want in their State, as long as they are not violating the Federal legislation that protects us all from extremism.  If the State you live in is too conservative or too liberal, you are free to move to a State that more closely matches your values.

If these things do not divide the majority of American people, then how did we get here?

The issue is, the problem is, the way we got here is, that rich old white men have put us here. They rigged the congressional districts in their favor (gerrymandering), they have rigged voter suppression into State laws targeting and disenfranchising minorities in most cases, and they passed legislation to allow unlimited money to flow into the political system. They are using loopholes they created to form multiple shell companies all with different names all funded by the same person.  If elected officials, supreme court justices and the like wore company logos for all the corporations and lobbyists, they’ve made promises to, their outfits would look like race car drivers’ outfits. Our entire politics and government is a scam and sham.

Although trying to fix our problems by letting the fox into the chicken house may have seemed like a good idea on or before November 8th, as the fog of our mad and upset chain of pain reactions wear off I hope you can all see the damage you have done to our great country.

If we are going to save the values America got founded for, we have our jobs cut out for us. It’s time everyone gets serious about their civic duty and their involvement in our Country. We are re-defining the country every day.

Does pre-Nazi Germany sound good to you? If not, what will you do to stop it?

Consider this most recent news. The vice president-elect went to the theater last night and got booed by members of the audience, a valid expression of free speech.

After the show, he was asked by the cast to stay, and he agreed.  One of the cast members read him a prepared statement about how afraid they are of the direction the new administration is heading our country.

The president-elect tweeted later that that was harassment of VP-elect and demanded an apology. In a Country with rights of free speech, how does this qualify as harassment? How was it anything more than conversation? Are we going to start locking people up for speaking their minds? Need I be concerned over this post?

If you don’t understand what the alt-right movement is, and you are an American that cares about your liberties and freedoms you need a crash course quick!

Today at a conference of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank headed by supremacist Richard Spencer, Spencer said: “The Trump movement was kind of a body without a head. The alt-right, as an intellectual vanguard, can complete Trump.”

Embrace your civic duty as an American. Get involved in your local, State and Federal governments. Make your voice heard. Meet with your neighbors and form your own news network.  Each person takes a news source from the list offered via the link above.  Share critical news with each other. Learn how to network so that we share the work of becoming informed.  If you have a family, network with your family and create your own news network. Follow only verified objective journalism, not journalism controlled by the six major corporations. (News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS and Comcast own 90% of the TV stations, radio stations, movies, magazines, and newspapers that 277 million Americans rely on for news and entertainment.) (source:

“….your job as a citizen and as a decent human being is to constantly affirm and lift up and fight for treating people with kindness and respect and understanding. And you should anticipate that at any given moment there’s going to be flare-ups of bigotry that you may have to confront, or may be inside you and you have to vanquish. And it doesn’t stop. … You don’t get into a fetal position about it. You don’t start worrying about the apocalypse. You say, ‘OK, where are the places where I can push to keep it moving forward.'” President Barack Obama

Thank you Dear Reader,





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