Using Frequency for Change ~ From Resistance to Creation

In Volume I of Walking Through Your Walls I discuss frequency as it applies to our daily lives.  This post is about how to relate this knowledge to current events to empower you to create the change you want to see in the world and in our Country.

A quick review: Everything is energy, everything is vibrating. We can impact our surroundings when we take control of ourselves and the energy we are emitting.


Frequency Wave Illustration

Low vibrations, being relatively flat, travel the furthest and travel long distances.  Think of the sound of the bass from a vehicle passing by.  You know what I mean, right?  When someone has their music in their car turned way up with a heavy bass, you can hear and often feel the bass from long distances.  You might not even see where the sound is coming from. You may not hear anything else from the music, but you hear the bass. Boom, boom, boom. This is because the low frequencies travel the furthest.


High frequencies, on the other hand, have greater vertical travel and shorter horizontal travel. They do not travel as far as lower frequencies, but they will interfere with low frequencies and break the journey of low frequencies.

Now, think about this concerning the current administration of the United States.  Several (many, most, all) of the players are spewing anger and hate and hateful policies, which on the energetic scale is equivalent to fear. Very low-frequency energy as illustrated in the charts above and below.

Our typical response to fear is to be fearful back.  Makes sense right?  We are wired as human beings with a fight, flight, and a freeze response.  In the case of being confronted with someone who is hateful (fearful), we immediately respond the way we are wired. We want to fight back, we become afraid, so we fight back. We are very tribal, and the mechanism of fear is a tribal divider.  We see other tribes as rivals, people who must be stopped or done away with.

Energetically this is the problem with the #Resist movement.

What we resist, persists. While we think we are doing the right thing by “resisting” we are actually creating more of what we don’t want. It’s a losing battle.


Because when we resist, all we are doing is giving more energy to the frequency at hand.


Scale of Consciousness

When we resist hate (fear), we tend to be hateful (fearful). We may be peaceful about it, but we are holding hate, or fear, which is really a lack of love, in our hearts or somewhere else in our bodies (our jaws, our necks, our stomachs, etc.).  You may disagree with me, but hear me out anyway. I still may say something of value.

When we are resisting, we are actually giving energy to the problem at the same frequency as the problem. By resisting we are sending energy out to the Universe that we are unhappy. We “don’t want” something.  Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t understand our 3rd-dimensional polarity.  The Universe is about creation, and we create what we are intending.  Therefore, whatever we focus our attention on, we are creating. If we are focused on what we “don’t want” we are actually creating more of what we don’t want.

Additionally, when we resist, we give the other side something to “push against.” We give them a reason to continue to pick a fight with us. We are perpetuating what we don’t want.

“So, what do we do?” you may be asking.

It requires a shift in perspective.  Instead of focusing on what we do not like about the situation, we need to change our attitude to one of gratitude for the opportunity to address this challenge.  Look at the annoyance as a gift to become a better person or Country in this case.

What would that look like?

To change our Country peacefully, it means that we must find our way to love each other in spite of the fearful and hateful policies being promoted. How can you love what is going on you may ask? How can we love these people? These happenings?

When you realize that we are all one, you can come to understand that we are all connected to one another through an invisible grid of energy. When you accept that the 3rd dimension is as science has explained to us, an illusion, you will become one with everything. From this perspective, it becomes evident that we must not hate anything or anyone, for to hate anyone is to hate an aspect of ourselves, of our oneness.

Instead, find a way to love the other. Find a way to be compassionate. Find a way to forgive.  I believe one of the many things we are witnessing being played out in the daily events of our Country is the birth of a new kind of human being.  A human being who has rewired their “fight, flight and freeze” response with a new set of responses.  But we need many, many more people to come this energetic understanding and shift their perspectives and energies.

When we awaken to our oneness with all things and beings, love, compassion, and forgiveness replace our previous wiring. When we awaken to the illusion of the 3rd dimension and the opportunity of growth from experience, the whole world will open to us. Every day we have a chance to be a hero about something or to someone. Once we awaken we realize that we have the opportunity to embody the consciousness of the Universe, of Source, of the All That IS, with every breath.


Low and High Frequencies Meet

Let’s get back to frequencies.  Imagine one of the people you feel anger, or hate, or contempt for in the Country’s administration.  Now, shift your perspective and consider a way to be grateful for the opportunity to grow our Country into a better thing.  It may not be what this person wants; it is likely completely different. No, they aren’t doing what you want, but be thankful for them showing you their true colors. Be grateful that you’ve seen so quickly what you don’t like. Be thankful for knowing the direction you do want to see things go. Be joyful for the opportunity to pursue the dreams you hold. Now, imagine hugging the person. Honestly actually embracing them. Forgive them their fears. Have compassion for the lonely painful lives they must lead to be so fearful, to be so lacking in love.


Think about what we know about energy.  The person is emanating hate and fear (lack of love), sending out low-frequency vibrations.  By bringing love into their circle, you are breaking up the flow of their low-frequency vibrations and keeping those frequencies from traveling away to such a distance.  The graph below illustrates this result. Imagine the fear is traveling from left to right.  When met with vibrations of love, the fear dissipates and can not continue to travel long distances. In the graph below, the blue line (low frequency) is completely dissipated by the time it gets to the right side. The more we surround the people emanating hate and fear with love, compassion, and forgiveness, the more we stop the spread of lack of love (hate and fear). The more we are able to love and appreciate these people (not for their actions, but for the opportunity they present), the faster and more thoroughly the low frequencies will be dissipated.


When Love Meets Fear and Loves it Away

So, switch your perspective!  If you need help finding a way to be grateful or thankful for what is happening as a way to spread love and break up the spread of fear and hate, please comment or message me. I am here to shine a light on love and help you find your way there.


These are serious times, and we need to up our games. We need to hone new skills. We need to become anew.


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