From the first moment I remember, I have known that there is something more going on around here than meets the eye.  I have spent my entire life looking for answers; and living of course, which is why getting some answers has taken so long! I’ve studied almost everything you can imagine.  I’ve studied all the religions.  I’ve studied all the sciences. Please don’t misunderstand me ~ most of my studies have been on my own, although I did complete a double BA in psychology and Theatre Arts. For most of my 20s and 30s, I read, and wrote in my journal. I took yoga. I still wasn’t finding the answers I sought. I studied physics and spirituality, metaphysics and numerology, quantum physics, astrology; I did sweat lodges and drumming circles, I went to see psychics, I worked with crystals and stones. I got some of my most interesting insights and answers from a few sessions with a psychic healer who believes that often our chronic pains are pains from past lives. I had 3 total miracle experiences with this person.  The results fascinate me, since I know there is no such thing as time. I usually lose people when I go off on the time tangent, so I’ll leave that for now.

In January of 1995 at the age of just 40, I almost died.  That experience combined with my philosophy of life at that time, led to an awakening in my life that: I had a dream, that I had abandoned.  With help from some wonderful friends, I remembered my dream of Alaska (sometimes “life” really does take over), and when the opportunity to visit the place of my dream, came along, I took it. Within just 9 months of that visit, I had purchased land, and moved to Alaska.

I’m fond of saying “everything is just energy” and I have believed that and incorporated that philosophy into my life. for many, many years. In 2007, when 3 people within 3 days asked me if I’d seen the movie “The Secret?” I went right out and got it.  That book, the sequel, The Power, and all the writings  quoted within, really do contain “the secret” to life.  They didn’t contain anything new or unusual for me.  What happened is my passion to truly know, which had gone dormant for a while, reawakened.

Wallace D. Wattles stated it the best in his writings: “There is a thinking stuff, from which all things come, and which, in its original state, permeates and penetrates, and fills, the inner spaces of the Universe.  A thought held in this substance produces the thing imaged by the thought.  We can form things in our minds and by impressing our thoughts on formless substance can create the thing we think……” He goes on from there, and I’ll be sharing more of it in the days ahead.

My point here is this.  I took everything else I had already learned, and it suddenly, it all made sense. The years since 2007 have been what I would describe as “heads down” for me, totally immersed in this philosophy, and in the discipline of controlling my thoughts, in what can only be described as a “brute force” way. I decided that the only way to “prove” a theory was to live it and let the life be the proof.

Brain studies tell us we have thousands of thoughts a day ~ and all the teachings say our thoughts matter, so I decided to test it myself once and for all.  I set out sometime in the summer of 2007 to control my thoughts. Seriously. Control them. Not that I don’t let my intuition in ~ I do, I live by my feelings and intuition, yet I am very controlled in my thinking. When I am not specifically thinking about work or writing or reading, when my mind would normally be “idle,” instead, I control my thoughts to repeat a few specific phrases, that I repeat in song or poem constantly.

By controlling my thoughts, I put an end to the mindless chatter that goes on in our heads. The reliving of conversations or events, the meanderings and wanderings of our stream of consciousness doesn’t really serve us.

As my lodging business approached completion of the last phase, I’d been asking the Universe for guidance. I had begun to get the feeling there was something more I was to do.  Certainly Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC is a part of the plan; but now there was something more. I’d already had a hand in some local politics, so I knew that wasn’t it.  In the winter of 2011 we helped an elderly gentleman who had no family available, and we as a result formed a small non-profit (Alaska Aging Neighbors Giving Equal Loving Support & Care (AK ANGELS Care)).  After our neighbor passed away, we lost our direction with that organization, and it languished. We’ve recently started it back up to help some neighbors with a problem, but the Universe is not backing me in making AK ANGELS Care, Inc. my only priority besides the Retreat Center.  I just kept asking the Universe to guide me, and expressed gratitude daily and constantly for my blessings.

The Universe’s response to me was the concept of a new organization (because we don’t need another political party or another religion). WE LOVE US, made up of 8 Planetary Intentions of Oneness.

Weaving a Fabric of Unity & Peace Worldwide
Embracing Earth as Irreplaceable and All Life with Respect

Love for Everyone, Unconditionally
Open, Honest, Truthful, Transparent
Volunteerism as Public Service
Everyone gets a Voice and Vote

Uniting the Divided With Infinite Love
Solving our Problems Together

I’m very excited to see where this leads!

I have other blogs I manage.  I also manage, walkingthetalkinthelastfrontier.com which features posts about living my path;  mylongroadhometoalaska.com which is my autobiography one blog post at a time; LAMPsRandomRants.com which speaks for itself; WELOVEUS.org the new Organization I’ve founded to form a Planetary Oneness Collective; AngelsRestRestreatCenter.com, the blog for our lodging business and laughtoheal.wordpress.com which has posts about living happy and healthy and is a companion to my website laughtoheal.com (which has languished for some time). I have a new blog I’m starting (crazy, right?!) UniverseWhisperer.com. Named this by a teacher/coach, I am a Universe Whisperer, of that my teacher/coach is correct. I’ve been asked to try to write some fictional stories illustrating my insights. I’ve never considered writing fiction, but I’m willing to give it a try, as an alternate way to tell the story and reach more people.

It’s an exciting time on Planet Earth, watching this Awakening of Oneness Consciousness and participating in the way I came here to do! This, is my real assignment, everything else along the way have been building blocks to get me here, now.

I welcome your comments and feedback; I welcome your questions!

With Great Love,
LAMP in Alaska

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