Resume ReCap

You’ll be able to read about these things in my auto-biography which I will write some day; this is just a straight run-through recap of jobs I’ve held, to give you some background.  I had the privilege of not having to work during high school, but I did volunteer work, mostly with seniors and some mental health patients. As a kid, I was a geek before there were geeks; not with technology or glasses, but, well, I was weird. When I received a modeling job at 13, I expected it was a cruel joke. It wasn’t, but I sure didn’t fit into that world. Not surprising to me, that job didn’t go anywhere after the first runway show.

I started working when I was 17 years old, a freshman in college. I am not putting years in the list, other than at specific markers.  Maybe I will add years later. It gets messy because, some jobs were held concurrently, day, and night jobs, summer jobs, etc. Plus, some of these things were a long time ago! I have omitted some small/short jobs. I always dreamed of being “self-employed,” so I did a lot of consulting, writing, etc. to supplement whatever my current job was. I have also omitted some other things like specialty work, consulting work, volunteer positions, awards received, articles published, public service positions, and Boards I’ve served on. Others put a lot of stock in awards and other accolades; for me, life has always been about figuring out what this place is all about, and where I am to go, and what I’m supposed to do. Things like awards are nice, but they can also be a distraction, and can divert one’s attention from the real goal, which in my case, is my life purpose.

As you read this list it may seem like I couldn’t hold a job. Let’s not forget we’re recapping 41 years here! Honestly, I do tend to become bored after I’ve learned or mastered a job; or I become disillusioned because I don’t find the answers I’m looking for. Either way, I feel ready to move on. The years I spent in the Theatre Arts world were perfect in may ways, because shows are constantly opening then closing, or touring, so there’s a lot of change, a lot of opportunity to find “him.” Plus there’s plenty of free time to work on hobbies or side jobs. In the end, even the constant theatre excitement could not hold me and it was time to move on. Underneath it all, there was always the push to find “him” and always the knowledge that there was something I was to do. When I moved to Alaska I really thought I’d figured it all out. Now, as you know, I’d only figured out a part ~ there is a whole new career opening up! I feel ready to go another 40 years! Or more; because if we are successful in what I believe our “collective mission” is; this will be the last incarnation for all of us. From here, we transcend. 🙂

  • Housekeeper/Maid, Yosemite National Park, CA
  • Cafeteria Server, Hostess, Yosemite National Park, CA 1972
  • Work Study/Internship Child Therapy Autistic Children (while studying Child Psychology) SF, CA
  • Summer Camp Counselor, SF, CA
  • Work Study/Internship Public Defender’s Office, SF, CA (while studying Criminal Psychology), SF, CA
  • Work Study/Internship Probation Department, SF, CA
  • Created a new Combined Position between Public Defender’s Office & Probation Department, SF, CA
  • Assistant Receptionist, Theatre Arts Dept. San Francisco State University, CA
  • Work Study Properties Assistant, Theatre Arts Department, SFSU, CA
  • Lighting Technician, Sound Technician, Stage Manager for various Theatre Arts productions around the SF Bay Area, including “Sizwe Bansi is Dead” with Danny Glover CA
  • Stage Manager, Summer Theatre, Petoskey, MI
  • Hairdresser, Star Dresser, Wardrobe Mistress, Wig Stylist, McCarter Theatre, Princeton University, NJ
  • Star Dresser for Tammy Grimes, “Trick,” Broadway, NYC, NY
  • Personal Assistant, Tammy Grimes, NYC, NY
  • Receptionist, Law Offices O’Donnell & Swartz , NYC, NY
  • Star Dresser, Anne Miller, “Sugar Babies” Broadway, NYC, NY
  • Star Dresser/Wig Mistress, “Elephant Man” National Tour, Penny Fuller, MD, IL
  • Stage Manager, Off Broadway, many shows, NYC, NY
  • Lighting Technician, Manhattan Theatre Club, NYC, NY
  • Wardrobe Mistress/Star Dresser, Ogunquit Theatre, Ogunquit, ME
  • Retail Store Manager, Sweet Temptations, NYC
  • Founder/Owner Sirius Management; managed Trio “Weeden, Finkle & Fay,” NYC
  • Stage Manager/Assistant Seamstress, Boarshead Theatre, Lansing, MI (1981)
  • Advocacy Law Office Receptionist/Office Manager, Lansing, MI
  • Network Engineer Help Desk & Computer Repair Technician, Core Technology, Lansing, MI
  • Telemarketing Sales, Terminal Emulation Computer Software, Core Technology, Lansing, MI
  • New Software Sales & Marketing Manager, Core Technology, Lansing, MI
  • Outside Sales, Digital Imaging Systems, Commercial Equipment Company, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Outside Sales, High End Network Systems Sales, Data Network Systems, Okemos, MI
  • Office Manager, Ididaride Dog Sled Tours, Seward, AK (1997)
  • Customer Service Representative, GTE (Telephone) Seward AK
  • Project Manager, Stellar  Sea Lion Research, Alaska SeaLife Center, Seward, AK
  • Store Manager & Photo Technician, Eagle Eye Photo, Seward, Alaska
  • Front Desk Manager, Harborview Inn, Seward, AK
  • Opened Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC , the waterfront lodging I moved to Alaska to start (1999)
  • Board Member Lowell Point Community Council
  • Emergency Service Area Board Chair
  • Retired from working for others, and became self-employed 2004
  • Co-Founder Alaskans & Aging Neighbors Giving Equal Loving Support & Care, Inc. (AK ANGELS Care, Inc.) 2010
  • Founder WE LOVE US, 2013
  • Easter 2015 Founded Love By LIGHT
  • October 2015 began writing a Handbook for Humanity for living consciously in the 21st century, titled Walking Through Your Walls: Loving Yourself and Everyone Else
  • I hope to publish Volume I of WTYW in the 1st half of 2016 with volumes II and III to follow shortly behind
  • The rest, beyond that, is yet to come 🙂

I look forward to the coming years working with others in the Oneness Consciousness Collective, Mindfulness Movement, Quantum Thinkers, and all the other various people and groups helping Planet Earth and all the life on it, to awaken and achieve our purpose.

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